Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable Kits FSR Kits

Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable Kits FSR Kits is mostly used for outer side pipe frost protect, snow melting, roof and gutter de-icing.The kit has per-assembled plug, very easy to install, save energy.
Roof And Gutter De-icing Kits
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Product Name:
Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable Kits FSR Kits

Short Introduction:

Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable Kits FSR Kits is mostly used for outer side pipe frost protect, snow melting, roof and gutter de-icing. The kit has per-assembled plug, very easy to install, save energy.

Technical data
Output Wattage: 11, 17, 23,31(W/m)
Maximum maintain temperature: 65°C
Maximum exposure temperature: 110°C
Minimum installation temperature: -40°C
Work voltage: 110V- 120V / 220-240V

FSR Series
FSR Self Regulating Heating Cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Constructed of a semiconductor heater matrix extruded between parallel bus wires, a self-regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient temperatures all along its length. As temperatures increase, the heater’s resistance increases which lower the output wattage. Conversely, as the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So thermostat is not necessary in some applications. It will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself (overlapped). It can also be cut to any length. The result —an energy efficient heating cable. With optional outer jackets, the heating cable is resistant to watery and inorganic chemicals and protect against abrasion and impacted damage.
FSR Series
FSR-P: Tinned copper metal braid
FSR-PB: Thermoplastic outer jacket
FSR-PF: Fluoropolymer outer jacket
Max resistance of braid: ≤18.2Ω/km
Bus wire gauge: 18WAG
Approvals: CE EAC EAC-ex ATEX TUV

MOQ: 10pcs 

Item Length/Meter Power Output/W Bus wire gauge/AWG Item Length/ Power Output/W Bus wire gauge/AWG
FSR17-2 2 34W 18AWG FSR23-2 2 46W 18AWG
FSR17-4 4 68W 18AWG FSR23-4 4 92W 18AWG
FSR17-6 6 102W 18AWG FSR23-6 6 138W 18AWG
FSR17-8 8 136W 18AWG FSR23-8 8 184W 18AWG
FSR17-10 10 170W 18AWG FSR23-10 10 230W 18AWG
FSR17-15 15 255W 18AWG FSR23-15 15 345W 18AWG
FSR17-20 20 340W 18AWG FSR23-20 20 460W 18AWG
FSR17-25 25 425W 18AWG FSR23-25 25 575W 18AWG
FSR17-30 30 510W 18AWG FSR23-30 30 690W 18AWG
FSR17-35 35 595W 18AWG FSR23-35 35 805W 18AWG
FSR17-40 40 680W 18AWG FSR23-40 40 920W 18AWG
FSR17-45 45 765W 18AWG FSR23-45 45 1035W 18AWG
FSR17-50 50 850W 18AWG FSR23-50 50 1150W 18AWG

Our Advance:
Three layer co extrusion technology
Three layer co extrusion technology of self regulating heating cables, which is characterized in that: two metal wire coated with a low resistance layer, a conductive layer, insulating layer and the insulating layer, a metal shielding net. Among them low resistance layer, conductive layer and the insulating layer of the three layer of a extrusion. 
The two metal wire coated with new low resistance layer, the insulation layer of the conductive layer, forming a three layer with the extrusion production process, the conductive layer and the insulating layer structure closely No gap, no air, no impurities, reducing self heating single fault rate and decay rate, convenient and safe, long service life.
Due to low resistance between the transition layer and the PTC contact closely, effectively reduce the starting current, the current impact to the material of PTC, prolong service life, reduce the 3)starting current.
The inner insulation layer using the self-made insulation, due to the special nature of PTC material, the market most of the insulation of PTC will be more or less damage, and we use a unique formula of self insulation, insulation itself does not have any damage to the PTC, Between the insulation and PTC is compact in structure, can effectively waterproof. In addition to our self insulation and good weather resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature, anti ultraviolet radiation.
The traditional production process of self regulating heating cables between the combination does not close, the air and impurities are not fully discharged, electric heating at high temperature for a period of time it caused by the metal electrode and the PTC heating element
The contact surface of the separation failure, resistance caused by fire, with three layers of extrusion technology development and application, effectively put an end to these potential risks, to avoid the fire, security.

The three layer with double insulation extrusion technology (the world's first) with the tropics, forming a two insulating layer of the production process in the three layer of the application with the extrusion technology, three layer with double insulation extrusion technology to improve the insulation performance with the tropics, increased mechanical strengthen extend the service life.

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