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E1608 Digital Smart Wifi Electronic Heat Thermostat

Wifi Thermostat

E1608 Digital Smart Wifi Electronic Heat Thermostat

2.Replace virtually any two-wire line voltage wall-mounted electric heating thermostat
3.Easy to install
4.Rugged, plastic mounting base and one-piece cover with vents
5.Ideally suited to new construction applications

Product Name:E1608 Digital Smart Wifi Electronic Heat Thermostat

Product Technical Parameters

Thermostat range: -9.5~80.0℃  Overall dimension: 86*86*40mm
Temperature sensing elements: thermistor External wire diameter: 2,5 square mini-meter (mm)²
Temperature control precision: ±1℃ Working temperature: 85~265VAC 50\60Hz
Mounting hole spacing: 60mm (standard)  Shell: flame retardant PC material
Floor temperature range: -9.5~80.0℃ Rated power: 16A

Notes of display

Wifi Thermostat Notes of display

Product Operation Instruction

1) On/Off: briefly press “On/Off” button to switch on.off the thermostat.

2) Set temperature: with the unit on, briefly press the “▲”or“▼”buttons to adjust the temperature, and each pressing will set up the temperature change by 1℃.  

3) Mode switching: with the unit on, keep the “Set the time” button pressed for 3S to switch the manual or automatic (time interval) mode.

4) Manual switch: with the unit on, briefly press the “Menu key”   in turn button to switch to the standard mode and economic mode, and and briefly press the “▲”or“▼” buttons to adjust the corresponding setups of temperatures.

5) Time setup: keep the “Set the time” button for 3S to enter the time adjustment setup. Briefly press the “Set the time”in turn to adjust the flashing minutes, hours and week days. Briefly press the “▲”or “▼” buttons  to adjust the relevant time.

6)Child lock setup: keep the “▼ ”pressed for 3S to switch on or off the Child lock function.  

7)Period Setting: After power off, press and hold “Menu key ” for 3s to enter the period setting function.Detailed operation is as follow

8)Advanced settings: with the unit off, spontaneous keep the “▲”or“▼” buttons  pressed for 3S to enter the advanced setting function and the specific operations are shown as below: 

Numerals on the upper right corner

Definition of the






Adjusted values of room temperature


Fine-tuning values of the room temp. sensor


Press button to switch the parameter values and press    DONE button to exit


Adjusted values of floor temperature


Fine-tuning values of floor temp. sensor



Sensor selection


00 built-in 01 external 02 built-in and external



Setup of temperature upper limits


Setup of maximum temperature values



Setup of temperature lower limits


Setup of minimum temperature values



Setup of switch deviations


Setup of output deviation values



Low temperature protection function


00 Off  o1 On



Selection of holiday


00 double off-days 01 single off-day 02 no holiday



Delayed output time


0-10S delayed output time



Warning value of floor temperature


Max. Value of floor temperature



Restore factory setting


01 restore factory default


Initialize Your WIFI Thermostat:

After turn off the thermostat, press and hold the“ON/OFF”until the screen displays "000", then press“▲”,change the value “000” to "010", finally press the “ON/OFF ”. Finishing all the above steps, the initialization of your thermostat has been successfully completed. You can download the APP to connect the

thermostat to your mobile phone, then control your thermostat according to the APP operation manua.

Malfunction Prompts:

 In advanced setting, select the internal or external sensor properly,if wrong setting or sensor damaged, the LCD appears Er1 or ER2.

ER1 indicates no internal sensor detected;

ER2 indicates no external sensor detected.

The thermostat will not work until the fault is eliminated.

Wiring Diagram


Wiring must be correctly carried out as per the above diagram. The thermostat should be free from

water, mud and other foreign substance, otherwise it could be damaged!

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