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  • Industrial Heat Tracing
    Industrial Heat Tracing
    Self-regulating heating cables for process temperature maintenance and industrial freeze protection Industrial plants with various facilities and equipment require operational stability under a wide range of circumstances. These plant equipment shall respond to temperature changes, overcome extreme conditions and operate under extreme circumstances without failure. In many industrial processes, temperature management is critical. Insulating materials that are commonly used to minimize thermal losses are not the perfect solution for preventing continuous heat losses. You will need a direct heat source for freeze protection and temperature maintenance. Electric heat tracing using self-regulating heating cable is clean, long-life, energy efficient and easy to install. HUANRUI products are perfect solution to pipe freeze protection in various industrial applications and temperature maintenance without overheating. By converting electrical energy to thermal energy to produce the amount of heat required to reach a designated level of thermal equilibrium, self-regulating heating cable maintains fluids in pipes from freezing or solidifying.
  • Pipe Freeze Free Heating Cable
    Pipe Freeze Free Heating Cable
    Do You Need to Check Your Pipes? Huanrui’s pipe freeze protection systems ensure that your pipes remain clear of ice and water continues to flow all winter long. Now That’s Smart.
  • Roof & Gutter De-icing Heating Cable
    Roof & Gutter De-icing Heating Cable
    Keep Your Roofs and Gutters Clear of Snow and Ice Huanrui’s roof/gutter de-icing systems help prevent snow and ice build-up on roofs and in gutters. Now That’s Smart.
  • Underfloor Heating Cable And Mat
    Underfloor Heating Cable And Mat
    Are You Tired of Cold Floors? Warm up cold bathroom and kitchen floors with electric in-floor heating cable and mats installed under the tile. Huan’s in-floor heating systems provide affordable, luxurious comfort.
  • Snow Melting Heating Cable And Mat
    Snow Melting Heating Cable And Mat
    Stay Ahead of the Snow and Ice When Winter Arrives. Huanrui’s on-demand snow melt systems improve the safety of driveways, sidewalks and stairs. Now That’s Smart.
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We are the innovator , a well-known professional manufacturer and the service provider in heating cable industry.
Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a famous Chinese manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise, which takes the job of research and development, production, sale and service of self regulating heating cable, constant wattage heating cable, electric under floor heating products. Our company located in city of National Science and Technology Innovatation Pilot --- Hefei. It was found in 2004, the registered fund is 20.8 million RMB, has 100 employees. Our company owns the first building area of 8476 square meters, and ten automatic production lines, the annual output of self regulating heating cable is 20 million meters. In 2015, Anhui Huanrui Heating manufacturing Co., Ltd is planning to invest 120 million RMB to the second factory project, which covers an area of 16500 square meters. Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd will be the largest manufacturer of self regulating heating cable in China. We have 19 patented technology, more than 90 industrial certificates and honors from government. In 2006, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd became the member of floor heating association of Hebei Province. In 2007, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd registered the brand "JIUZI", which shows high quality and good faith of our enterprise. In 2008, all the products of Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd got the national explosion-proof certificates. In 2010, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd got the certificate of "Famous Brand of China" In 2011, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd got the certificate of ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. In 2013, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd became the main compile organization for national standards. In 2014, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd got the certificates of "National High and New Technology Enterprise", "Famous Brand of Anhui". With the advanced production equipment and test devices of the world, and the continuous efforts of research and development team, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd works with the world top 500 enterprises, serves more than 20000 customers from all over the word. Our products widely used in oilfield, electric power, steel, chemical, coal and gas, refrigeration, food, construction, fire fighting, solar energy, electrothermal heating, geothermal cultivation, carriages, offshore oil platform industries and etc. In 2007, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd became the supplier for the world top 500 ABB group. In 2008, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd provided the self regulating heating cable for 2008 Olympic games. Since 2009, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd became the long-term and fixed supplier for Dazing oilfield, Hubei oilfield, Songhua oilfield. Since 2011, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd exported to Russia, UK, Australia, Hungary and etc. In 2014, under the guidance of top two experts, Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd produce a exclusive self regulating heating cable, using the latest advanced machine and highest technology, create a exclusive PTC heat matrix. Meanwhile obtain a patent of low resistance transition layer, PTC semi-conductive, Modified inner insulation layer process in one step, protect the PTC. No spacing between layer, so no impurity will hurt the PTC. It ensures that the cable will have a long work time, working at low starting current. Until now everyone in company pay great effort, try to bring the high technology, energy saving and comfortable products to everyone. We believe that our company Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd will be the great manufacturer in the future. Welcome customers from all over the world come to us and be familiar with products of Huanrui.
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Recommended heating methods for B&B hotels—Huanrui intelligent electric floor heating
May 17, 2022
Recommended heating methods for B&B hotels—Huanrui intelligent electric floor heating
Going out for vacation has become a way of people's leisure, and commercial hotels and homestays have become places where people go out to live. Compared with cookie-cutter, standardized decoration, and commercialized hotels, homestays pay more attention to taste and have more diverse designs. They are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also have their own stories, which are loved by many young people. But B&Bs are generally selected on the edge of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, with beautiful scenery and fresh air. But in winter, the temperature of remote homestays is lower and the weather is cold, and people's desire to travel will be relatively reduced. These homestays often encounter the curse of "coldness" in winter. Imagine that when tourists stay in a B&B hotel in winter, they can meditate on the floor with bare feet, soak in the hot springs and watch the stars. Do you need to worry about the occupancy rate? Which heating method is more suitable for this homestay? Many homestays and hotels first think of installing central air conditioners in terms of heating methods. Although it is easy to control, convenient and flexible, the heating of air conditioners is air convection heat dissipation, and the comfort is relatively poor. Feet never get warm. In addition, the auxiliary heating function may be required for air-conditioning heating in mountainous areas where the temperature is too low, thereby increasing the operating cost of the hotel. In addition, since homestays are generally built in areas near mountains and rivers, infrastructure such as pipeline gas may not be perfect, and wall-hung boilers using gas heating are also limited. Therefore, the more recommended homestay heating solution is the Huanrui intelligent electric floor heating solution with electric heating. (Note: The above pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) Choose Huanrui Easy to install The heating cable is buried in the ground, and the floor or tiles are laid on it, and there is no other complicated heating equipment. Energy saving Electric floor heating uses clean energy and electricity, and the conversion rate of electricity to heat is as high as 98%. It can be heated immediately when it is turned on. It can save energy by about 40% compared with other heating equipment. Intelligent temperature control The electric floor heating intelligently divides the room temperature by time, and the unused rooms can be closed, saving energy without wasting electricity. Heating is as flexible as an air conditioner, but the comfort level is higher than N levels. Comfortable and healthy Electric floor heating radiates heat from the ground, the heat is distributed evenly, and the heat is transferred from bottom to top, which is in line with the health care principle of "warm feet and cool top" in traditional Chinese medicine; it does not cause convection of dirty air, keeping the room clean; the heating process is sil...
  • Homestay New Favorite Electric Floor Heating - Huanrui Shankouling Homestay Electric Floor Heating Project
    With the adjustment of our country's coal-to-electricity policy, heating in winter has entered a new field, and more and more users choose heating cable electric floor heating. What they choose is not only a heating method, but also a warm, comfortable and healthy aspect combined life forms. As a warm, comfortable and healthy heating method, not only luxury villas like it, but also more and more ordinary houses will consider adding it to the decoration list. Even B&B hotels have turned their attention to heating cable electric floor heating. There are different opinions about the origin of "homestay". In mainland China, there are many types of homestays, which cannot be fully summarized by a unified standard, but each type includes the general characteristics of homestays. Homestays mainly refer to the use of free rooms in self-use residences, combined with local humanities, natural landscapes, ecology, environmental resources and agricultural, forestry, fishery, and animal husbandry production activities to provide personalized accommodation for travelers who go out for outings or long trips. Rural revitalization project - Feidong Changlinhe Town Shankouling Homestay Anhui Huanrui heating cable electric floor heating project boosts the development of the village's collective economy. In recent years, Changlinhe Town, Feidong County has actively integrated idle resources, strengthened the cultivation of cultural tourism formats, and the homestay industry has flourished, adding endogenous impetus to the development of the village-level collective economy in Changlinhe Town. With the in-depth development of the homestay industry, Changlinhe Town relies on its location advantages to create boutique cultural tourism projects, and fully explore the development of "homestay + traditional culture, homestay + red education, homestay + rural e-commerce, homestay + cultural and creative products, homestay + parent-child Activities” and other diversified business formats, extend the homestay industry chain, continuously improve efficiency, drive people’s employment, and promote increased production and income. Shankouling B&B uses the advantages of Huanrui electric floor heating: 1. Easy to install The heating cable is buried in the ground, and the floor or tiles are laid on it, and there is no other complicated heating equipment. 2. Environmental protection and energy saving Electric floor heating uses clean energy and electricity, with a high conversion rate of electricity and heat. It is hot when it is turned on, and no maintenance is required in the later period. It has the same life as the building. It is very suitable for one-time investment in homestays without any worries. 3. Intelligent temperature control Electric floor heating intelligently divides the room to control the temperature by time, and the rooms that are not in use can be closed, saving energy without wasting electricity, and heating is as flexible as an air conditioner. 4. Com...
    13 May,2022
  • Anhui Huanrui provides thermal insulation for Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Pipeline in Inner Mongolia
    With the application of Huanrui electric heating system, the relocation and production of Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Chifeng is the sub-central city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with diverse ethnic groups and cultures, long winters and dry springs. Inner Mongolia Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. It is a subsidiary of Shandong Dongyue Group in Inner Mongolia. Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. implemented the second relocation and expansion plan on December 6, and successfully put in materials. After completion, it will be the hydrogen fluoride industrial base with the largest single set of production capacity and overall production capacity in China. Regarding this relocation and expansion, it involves 120,000 tons/year of hydrogen fluoride and 20,000 tons/year of ammonium bifluoride. In order to actively respond to the call of the municipal government to "return the city and enter the park", the company officially launched the relocation, expansion and reconstruction project in the form of "enclave economy" in 2018, and relocated the factory site to Dongshan Industrial Park, Chifeng High-tech Zone. The construction land of the project is more than 380 mu, and the investment is 650 million yuan. After the project is completed, the annual output value is 2 billion yuan, the annual profit and tax is 150 million yuan, and 200 people are employed. The arrival of Inner Mongolia Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. not only promoted the development of local production capacity in Chifeng, revitalized the local economy, but also brought jobs and employment opportunities for many people. Relying on the unique geographical environment of Inner Mongolia, the energy layout is particularly rich, but the climate is changeable. In order to cope with the changeable climate and extreme weather in Chifeng, Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. has no delay in the antifreeze and heat preservation work after the relocation and expansion. After layer-by-layer assessment and multiple comparisons, Anhui Huanrui's medium-temperature self-limiting electric heat tracing system stands out. The 13,000-meter electric heat tracing cable provides heat tracing and insulation for the entire plant pipeline of Inner Mongolia Dongyue Jinfeng Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. Project Challenge: Variety of heat tracing needs It is not only suitable for temperature control of heat-sensitive medium pipelines to prevent overheating of pipeline temperature, but also suitable for series heat tracing of other dispersing equipment. Environmental requirements Heat tracing products should take into account the safety and efficiency of chemical products, low carbon and environmental protection. After extensive research and investigation, Anhui Huanrui technical team decided to use medium-temperature self-limiting electric heat tracing products for chemical pipeline insulation of Inner Mongolia Dongyue Jinfeng Flu...
    13 May,2022
  • Anhui Huanrui Electric Trace Heater is used in Haiguo Longyou
    On January 2, 2021, the well-received Heilongjiang Haiguolongyou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. received a good news: the largest single-set catalytic thermal cracking unit in China - Haiguolongyou 550 project 2.3 million tons/year catalytic thermal cracking The device, a successful start-up, produces qualified products. Haiguo Longyou 5.5 million tons/year heavy oil catalytic thermal cracking and 950,000 tons/year polyolefin project (referred to as "Dragon Oil 550") is located in Linyuan Park, Daqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is one of the three "oil heads" in Heilongjiang Province. "One of the projects. As the core device connecting the refining and chemical links of the 550 project, the 2.3 million t/a catalytic thermal cracking unit of the Haiguolongyou 550 project has been successfully commissioned, providing a prerequisite for the full production of the project's "chemical tail" polypropylene and polyethylene plants. , marking that the 550 project has entered the production stage of the whole industry chain. After the project is completed, it can provide 3.5 million tons of petrochemical products to the market every year, and the sales output value can reach 19.3 billion. Anhui Huanrui MI heating cable In the "Dragon Oil 550" project, the 1 million tons/year suspended bed residual oil hydrogenation unit and the 2.3 million tons/year catalytic thermal cracking unit are the largest single-set projects in the country. Two sets of 350,000 tons/year and 200,000 tons/year polypropylene production lines not only have high-end and differentiated products, but also achieve low cost and high competitiveness. The raw materials are eaten and squeezed, and all of them are converted into chemical products, so that a drop of oil will not fall to the ground, maximize the use of crude oil, and achieve the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. In order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the device and equipment in different temperature environments, the project party selected Anhui Huanrui MI heating cable for heating and thermal insulation of its device. Huanrui MI heating cable is specially designed by Anhui Huanrui for industrial high temperature areas, complex environments and commercial environments. It is suitable for heating and insulation of industrial and commercial pipelines and storage tanks. MI heating cable is made of single or multiple alloy heating wires as heating source, high-purity, high-temperature, fused crystalline magnesium oxide as thermal insulator, seamless continuous stainless steel or copper tube as sheath, and is manufactured by special production process. Has excellent mechanical strength and strong corrosion resistance. The project is located in the northeastern region of my country. Facing the project difficulties such as extreme low temperature conditions in winter and many installation devices, Anhui Huanrui engineers demonstrated excellent technology and services for t...
    13 May,2022
  • Application of heat tracing and insulation of Anhui Huanrui electric heating system for white oil storage tanks in Karamay Oilfield of PetroChina
    PetroChina Karamay Petrochemical Company is located in Jinlong Town, Karamay City, Karamay District, Uygur Autonomous Region. The white oil hydrogenation unit is currently one of the few domestic devices that use more advanced hydrogenation methods to produce white oil products. It produces a variety of specifications. White oil is widely used in industry, cosmetics, food, medicine and other fields. The white oil products of various brands and grades produced by Karamay Petrochemical Company have been popular in the domestic market, with high reputation and popularity and considerable economic benefits. In response to the various needs of the heat tracing project of this device, Anhui Huanrui provided a complete set of electric heat tracing solutions. Project difficulties 1.The reaction temperature changes greatly, and the catalyst activity is easily affected. The white oil high-pressure hydrogenation unit is a high-temperature, high-pressure hydrogenation catalytic process. After the raw materials, catalysts, and pressure are determined, temperature is the main factor affecting desulfurization, denitrification and conversion rate, and it is also the main means to control the reaction depth. For the first-stage reaction, appropriately increasing the reaction temperature can increase the desulfurization and ammonia removal rate, reduce the pollution and poisoning of the second-stage catalyst, and create conditions for the second-stage reaction. However, the reaction temperature is too high, especially when the bed temperature is too high, on the one hand, the cracking reaction of the reactants is increased, so that the low boiling point components increase, and the yield decreases; on the other hand, the bed layer is caused to accumulate coke and the pressure drop increases. The catalyst life is reduced. Therefore, during the production process, the reaction temperature needs to be kept within an appropriate range, and stable and continuous. 2. The pipeline has steam purging requirements, the highest temperature can reach 200 ℃ Steam purging is suitable for conveying power steam pipelines or thermal pipelines, purging with large flow of steam, and the flow rate is not less than 30m/s. Press steam-slowly raise the warm tube-constant temperature for 1h-purge-stop the air to cool down-reheat the pipe to increase the temperature, constant temperature, the second purge, and this repetition is generally no less than 3 times. Under long-term high temperature conditions, the electric heating cable needs to ensure normal and stable operation under high temperature conditions, and must withstand a temperature of 200°C. Solution In order to further confirm whether the electric heating cable can meet the reaction temperature. Before the installation, the company's engineering department cooperated with the main business unit to conduct field tests on the heat tracing performance. The heat tracing has a fast heating speed, high temperature resistance, temperat...
    31 May,2022
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