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  • Industrial Heat Tracing
    Industrial Heat Tracing
    Self-regulating heating cables for process temperature maintenance and industrial freeze protection Industrial plants with various facilities and equipment require operational stability under a wide range of circumstances. These plant equipment shall respond to temperature changes, overcome extreme conditions and operate under extreme circumstances without failure. In many industrial processes, temperature management is critical. Insulating materials that are commonly used to minimize thermal losses are not the perfect solution for preventing continuous heat losses. You will need a direct heat source for freeze protection and temperature maintenance. Electric heat tracing using self-regulating heating cable is clean, long-life, energy efficient and easy to install. HUANRUI products are perfect solution to pipe freeze protection in various industrial applications and temperature maintenance without overheating. By converting electrical energy to thermal energy to produce the amount of heat required to reach a designated level of thermal equilibrium, self-regulating heating cable maintains fluids in pipes from freezing or solidifying.
  • Pipe Freeze Free Heating Cable
    Pipe Freeze Free Heating Cable
    Do You Need to Check Your Pipes? Huanrui’s pipe freeze protection systems ensure that your pipes remain clear of ice and water continues to flow all winter long. Now That’s Smart.
  • Roof & Gutter De-icing Heating Cable
    Roof & Gutter De-icing Heating Cable
    Keep Your Roofs and Gutters Clear of Snow and Ice Huanrui’s roof/gutter de-icing systems help prevent snow and ice build-up on roofs and in gutters. Now That’s Smart.
  • Underfloor Heating Cable And Mat
    Underfloor Heating Cable And Mat
    Are You Tired of Cold Floors? Warm up cold bathroom and kitchen floors with electric in-floor heating cable and mats installed under the tile. Huan’s in-floor heating systems provide affordable, luxurious comfort.
  • Snow Melting Heating Cable And Mat
    Snow Melting Heating Cable And Mat
    Stay Ahead of the Snow and Ice When Winter Arrives. Huanrui’s on-demand snow melt systems improve the safety of driveways, sidewalks and stairs. Now That’s Smart.
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We are the innovator , a well-known professional manufacturer and the service provider in heating cable industry.
Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established in 2007. It is a heating Cable, self-regulating heating cable, constant wattage heating cable research and development, production, sales and service in one of the national level high-tech enterprises. The company currently has 120 employees, including 16 scientific researchers, including 1 doctor, 1 professor, 2 intermediate engineers, and 2 assistant engineers. The company is now located in Hucheng Road, Economic Development Zone, Feidong County, Hefei City, covering an area of 55 mu. It has built a R&D and production base for electric heat tracing cables, heating cables and floor heating mats, and has become a global leader in the electric heating industry. In 2022, the company's operating income will be 80.25 million yuan, and its total assets will be 116.41 million yuan. Anhui Huanrui has always regarded scientific research innovation and brand creation as the lifeline of the enterprise, and is committed to the development of new product technology and the creation of internationally renowned brands. Anhui Huanrui has more than 20 automated production lines, more than 50 patented technologies, and more than 100 qualification honors. Relying on the innovation and research and development capabilities of the post-doctoral research workstation and the high-performance self-regulating heating cable engineering technology research center, Anhui Huanrui is stepping into the international The ranks of the first-line electric heating brand. And established an international high-performance self-regulating heating cable research and development and testing center. The center has established a leading domestic testing center in accordance with UL/CSA/IEC standards, equipped with international advanced vertical combustion testers, spark testing machines, High and low temperature impact test chambers, cold and heat shock chambers, roof melting ice and snow simulation test devices and other detection and analysis equipment and three-layer co-extrusion high temperature technical equipment. The laboratory has testing facilities and capabilities for more than 100 tests under the standards of IEC60800, IEC60079, IEC62395, CSA C22.130, IEEE515, UL515, UL1673, GB/T19835, GB/T32348 and GB/T20841. Anhui Huanrui now has 1 Russian international invention patent, more than 50 national patents, 7 innovative products in Hefei, 5 new products in Anhui, 4 energy-saving and environmental protection products, and 2 science and technology awards in Hefei. The R & D innovation team won the titles of "115" industrial innovation team in Anhui Province, "228" industrial innovation team in Hefei City and Luzhou Industrial Innovation Team in Hefei City. Enterprise, Hefei "Digital Workshop" Enterprise, Hefei Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Hefei High-performance Self-regulating Heating Cable Engineering Technology Research Center, Hefei Enterprise Technology Center, Hefei Industrial Design Center, Hefei Demonstration of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization enterprise. Our company is also the main participating unit of GB/T 19835, GB/T 5959.10 and other national standards and industry standards. The company is the 2017 Anhui Province Quality Award-winning enterprise, an Anhui Province contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise, and the "Jiuzi" brand electric heating cable has won the Anhui Province Famous Brand Product, Anhui Province Industrial Boutique, Anhui Province Energy-Saving Product Recommended Catalog, Anhui Province Famous Trademark, Hefei Brand Demonstration Enterprise, Hefei Famous Brand Product and Hefei Famous Trademark and other honors. At present, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Anhui Huanrui’s Electric Heating Product R&D Center has established a leading domestic testing center in accordance with UL/CSA/IEC standards, and its testing capabilities have basically achieved a high level of coverage of all standards and projects in the entire industry. On the basis of more than 30 original international certifications, Anhui Huanrui has obtained the IECex certification from Bureau Veritas and the most difficult US UL certification in the industry. In terms of industry-university-research, cooperate with professors from Hefei University of Technology, University of Science and Technology of China and School of Materials, East China University of Science, aiming at enterprise research plans, carry out key technology research, and cultivate strategic emerging industries of electric heat tracing systems. Anhui Huanrui is based on the industry and leads the industry through professional design, refined manufacturing, standardized construction and humanized service. Through years of careful research and development, the compa...
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Anhui Huanrui Has Fully Resumed Work
Feb 07, 2023
Anhui Huanrui Has Fully Resumed Work
Anhui Huanrui Heaing has fully resumed work on January 29, accepting orders from China and abroad. It has only been one week since the resumption of work, and orders for four containers have been issued. Now the company's production line is in full swing, and orders are hot. Customers who are interested in ordering heating cable ,heating mat or heating system accessories, please contact us in time. We will serve you wholeheartedly no matter before or after sales.
  • Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical High Performance Polypropylene Resin and Supporting Project Pipeline Electric Tracing Insulation
    Polypropylene resin Polypropylene resin is a structured crystalline polymer that is a light milky white granular, odorless, non-toxic, and lightweight thermoplastic resin. Suitable for making various electrical components, TV and radio casings, anti-corrosion pipes, plates, automotive components, turnover boxes, woven packaging bags, packaging film binding materials, various containers, various clothing supplies, artificial lawns, and also used for food and drug packaging. Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical is a large private enterprise with petrochemical industry as its main business, integrating petroleum refining and subsequent deep processing. The industry involves three major sectors: high-efficiency fuels, high-end chemicals, and high-performance materials. Among them, gasoline for vehicles has reached the national standard of VIB six years in advance, and diesel for vehicles has upgraded to the national standard of VI two years in advance. It is the first enterprise in Shandong Province to implement the clean standard fuel product, and "Clean to Fuel" has been rated as an international advanced level. Jingbo Petrochemical's high-performance polypropylene resin and supporting projects plan to produce 600000 tons of homopolymer, unplanned copolymer, and impact copolymer polypropylene annually. The main construction projects include a 200000 ton/year multi zone polypropylene plant and a 400000 ton/year loop polypropylene plant. Due to the fact that the factory is located in the northern region and the winter temperature is relatively cold, the low temperature can reach -20 ℃, which can cause freezing of process pipelines and affect normal production. Therefore, it is necessary to install insulation facilities to maintain the required temperature for production. Project application background Considering the simple installation, high safety and stability, low maintenance workload, and low long-term operation and maintenance costs of electric heat tracing, Jingbo Petrochemical has decided to adopt the Anhui Huanrui electric heat tracing system. Application challenges In the production of chemical materials, there are often many difficulties, and the biggest challenge is that they are extremely sensitive to environmental temperature. Therefore, in the construction of such projects, temperature control of process pipelines is one of the very important links. Considering the special nature of the raw materials, the project party requires the electric heating system to control the temperature of the material production process pipeline at 10 ℃. Solution Given the precise temperature requirements of the project system and the numerous production process devices involved, as well as the dense and branching pipeline layout, as well as the need for insulation for related water and sewage pipelines, the technical personnel have decided to choose the self limiting temperature series electric tracing tape after comprehensive consi...
    27 Sep,2023
  • Shanxi Transportation Logistics Park Fire Pipeline Electric Tracing Project
    Fire safety is related to human life and property, as well as the development of social economy. With the development of large-scale commerce, transportation hubs, and underground engineering, fire pipelines, as safety guarantees for buildings, have significant significance. In cold winters, especially in northern regions, fire pipelines without antifreeze protection often freeze. Once a fire alarm occurs, if the frozen fire pipelines cannot be used in real time, it will pose a great safety hazard to the entire building, so it is necessary to provide heat tracing protection. The Shanxi Transportation and Logistics Park is located in Pingtou Town, Shouyang County, Jinzhong City, with a planned area of 2800 acres, including the e-commerce and automobile west area, modern agricultural production area, and supporting service area. This project deeply integrates big data, artificial intelligence, supply chain, etc. to build a comprehensive service-oriented smart logistics park with a multi-system and three-dimensional logistics industry layout. This logistics park is the main gateway for logistics in the eastern part of Taiyuan City, which can promote the development of strategic emerging industries. For such a large and important logistics park, its fire pipeline facilities need to be able to ensure smooth flow at all times. However, in winter, the temperature in Shanxi Transportation Logistics Park is as low as minus ten degrees Celsius, and the fire pipeline is prone to freezing and blocking without insulation facilities. Therefore, it is necessary to install an electric heat tracing insulation system for the fire pipeline in Shanxi Transportation Logistics Park to ensure that the medium inside the pipeline can flow normally in winter. Electric heat tracing technology is a technology that converts electrical energy into thermal energy and achieves pipeline insulation and antifreeze by heating the surface of the pipeline. In the insulation of fire pipelines in logistics parks, electric heat tracing technology has been widely applied. Specifically, electric heat tracing technology can achieve insulation and anti freezing of pipelines by installing electric heat tracing strips on the surface of the pipeline. Introduction to tropical products for project application Anhui Huanrui uses low smoke and halogen-free materials for the insulation of fire pipelines in Shanxi Transportation Logistics Park, specifically developed for commercial and residential applications. It is an extremely safe pipeline antifreeze solution in modern architectural design. Huanrui DBR Tracing can quickly respond to changes in environmental temperature, automatically adjust output power according to changes in environmental temperature, provide antifreeze protection for fire pipelines in areas where the environmental temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, and ensure that fire water remains flowing inside the pipeline to prevent blockage. The material characteristics and uniq...
    27 Sep,2023
  • Good News | Anhui Huanrui won the recognition of "2023 Provincial Industrial Design Center"
    On August 21, 2023, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province announced the list of provincial industrial design centers to be recognized and approved for review in 2023. Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the honor of "2023 Provincial Industrial Design Center" recognition. The provincial-level industrial design center requires selected enterprises to have strong innovation ability, distinctive characteristics, standardized management, outstanding performance, and advanced development level in the province or industry. The recognition aims to guide enterprises to attach importance to design innovation and provide support for industrial strategic transformation and upgrading. Since its establishment, Anhui Huanrui has obtained over 50 national patents with its unique manufacturing quality, excellent industrial design capabilities, and technological innovation capabilities. It has also passed the national specialized, refined, and new "Little Giant" enterprise publicity, as well as more than 100 honors including Anhui Provincial Industrial Boutique and Anhui Provincial 115 Industrial Innovation Team. The level of technological research and development and R&D capabilities have been continuously enhanced. The recognition by the Provincial Industrial Design Center this time is a recognition of Anhui Huanrui and also puts forward higher requirements for future development. We will continue to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation and research and development. In the future, we will continue to make steady progress, continuously enrich scientific research and industrial design achievements with infinite innovation and excellent design, comprehensively apply new technologies, new materials, and new processes, improve product performance, enhance product quality, and make unremitting efforts to become a well-known international electric heating enterprise!
    27 Sep,2023
  • Anhui Huanrui Appears at the 23rd China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition, Showcasing the Strength of Electric Tracing Technology
    Recently, the highly anticipated 23rd China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition successfully concluded at the China International Exhibition Hall (New Hall) in Beijing. This exhibition focuses on cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, showcasing new technological achievements, and attracting the attention of a large number of industry insiders and related enterprises. As a provider of integrated solutions focused on electric heating, Anhui Huanrui brought its newly developed products to the exhibition. The products on display include ultra-high temperature self-limiting electric heat tracing products (maintenance temperature: 150 ℃, temperature resistance: 200 ℃) and their operation control systems. These products are widely used in fields such as petrochemical, food, medicine, textiles, construction, etc., demonstrating the strong technical strength of Huanrui Electric Heat Tracing. At this exhibition, Anhui Huanrui's booth was not only meticulously arranged, but also attracted the attention of many visitors, attracting widespread attention and discussion. Our staff provided professional explanations and detailed introductions to the characteristics and applications of the company and its products, which were recognized and praised by professionals from various fields. As an enterprise dedicated to technological innovation and product research and development, Anhui Huanrui has always adhered to the concept of "quality first, customer first, continuous improvement, and innovative development", continuously improving product quality and technical level, and providing customers with safer and more reliable products and services.
    27 Sep,2023
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