Why and how to properly warm the steps on the street
- Sep. 30,2018

The heating of the steps will allow you to solve the problem of slippery steps even in the most severe frosts

How often the joy and delight from the first snow are replaced by the adrenaline rush from the acrobatic sketches on the slippery porch! With a pack of salt or a crowbar in his hand is no longer the beauty of winter landscapes. And in the head thoughts are swarming, as if a porch with a crowbar not to beat and shoes do not spoil salt. Feelings of concern and alertness on the street steps can only escape with the last spring frosts. So it turns out that heating the steps at the entrance to the house is not a whim, and its installation is dictated by the care of the most expensive, which is hidden behind its walls and the door - people close to us. The cost of heating the porch or steps of the external staircase is nothing, compared to the safety of movement and own health.

How to organize the heating of the steps?

Prevent the formation of ice or trampled snow on the steps before entering the house, office or store in several ways: by chemical treatment, by mechanical action or by heating the porch and adjacent stages.

Mechanical cleaning will not allow 100% to get rid of ice or snow

The first two methods have a dubious reputation. Their application leads to the formation of cracks and chips on the facing surface, the destruction of its protective shell, the additional costs of restoring the coating and round the clock duty.

Removing icing by mechanical means, it is possible to easily trim the steps

Implement a third way to fight ice on the steps is possible in several ways:

Placement of thermal mats with an infrared heater;

Laying tubes with non-freezing liquid;

With a heating cable.

With the help of electric heating, laid on the porch and step, you can get rid of their icing on the street in a few hours. Frost formed in the temperature range from plus three to minus seven and if at this temperature to achieve a dry surface of the lining material, stronger frosts will not be terrible. And all because at a different temperature, snow, as a rule, does not go and frost does not form, and hence there is no need to heat any more.

Variants of heating of stages

All three options have one important similarity: they are connected to a 220 V power supply and create an additional load on the electrical networks. Heating street stairs should be planned even at the design stage of a private house or commercial and office space and calculate the power of the main cable for input. If you came out differently, do not worry - there is always a way out.

Calculation of power is especially important if, in addition to the porch, you plan to heat the adjacent territory

First, you can adjust the work of heating on the street by hand and turn on in the evening, when no one walks along the steps and the porch except the neighbor's cat. Secondly, at night, the use of electric appliances falls sharply, and heating on the street will not allow the steps to become covered with ice after sunset and with the strengthening of night frosts. Overnight electric heating will not allow the formation of ice.

Liquid heating

Installation of liquid heating involves laying on the street half-inch tubes on the surface of the porch and leading to it steps. The tubes are laid "snake" and must pass in the floor under the entrance door and be laid before it is installed. They inject antifreeze or other glycols.

Connection of the street circuit to the general system of "water" heating is accompanied by the mandatory purchase of a pump and a heating boiler of increased power. By the way, it is not necessary to create a spring over a separately heated porch, but constantly monitor the pressure in the system, and replenish the volume of the liquid will have to.

Thermal mats

Thermal mats are plates or sections with a "thread" of an infrared heating element inside. They can be manufactured to the size of the customer and have their own frame and protective coating. From each section there are two cables - this is the input and output. They are connected by means of convenient connectors, easily and without any auxiliary tools. Even a beginner can twist and snap them. Cables can freely lie on the edges of the steps, and can be stacked in boxes specially fixed for them.

But, you need to be prepared for the fact that thermal mats cover most of the porch and stairs on the street. This, in fact, is the main disadvantage of this technology, because you cover all the beauty of the staircase with thermo-mat.


Thermal mats, rather, emergency help, but not a solution to the problem. If you want to get rid of the intentions on the stairs once and for all, organize a "stationary" heating.

Heating cable

If you take care of heating the porch in advance, you can prepare yourself for the future with several pleasant surprises. It is enough to lay a heating cable on the concrete base of the porch and the horizontal surface of the steps. To fix it in the form of waves with a step from four to ten centimeters, pour the screed without voids, and on top lay the selected lining material. The main thing is to check the resistance of the cable (self-regulating or resistive) before laying and after pouring the screed. Roof And Gutter Heating Cable can cover the entire area of the staircase. And it can cover only the central part of the steps.

If the total height of the surface layer above the cable (together with the lining material) does not exceed seventy millimeters, the side walls of the porch will be insulated and the angle of inclination of the steps will be maintained, the heating of the porch will quietly and calmly do its work for 4-4.5 kW / h.


In order for any Snow Melt Systems of the steps and the porch to work in accordance with the weather, it is necessary to equip them with temperature and moisture sensors, a relay-regulator, a starter.

All these "warm little things" will prolong the life of your porch. The rest depends on you.

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