What is electric warm floor and how to install it?
- Oct. 08,2018

It must be said that advanced Heating Cable System in Europe has been in use for 50 years. A considerable number of manufacturers with a very good reputation are represented on the market. Advanced heating cable systems are available in two types:

1. Coils of heating cable of different length;

2. In the form of mats (the same cable is laid and fixed on a polymer grid).

What's better? There is no particular difference in the parameters, but mats fit many times faster. After all, in order to lay the Underfloor Heating Cable, it is necessary to fasten all the necessary lengths every 30-50 cm according to a certain scheme, and even more often at corners. It takes a lot of time.

In the case of mats, they are simply rolled onto a clean rough floor (you can use old tiles). In the place where you need to turn (usually at the opposite wall) leaving the cable whole, the grid of the substrate is cut, and unfold the Underfloor Heating Mat in the desired direction. So cover the whole space. The entire procedure takes several tens of minutes, while with cable laying (tens and hundreds of meters), you have to spend hours.

To decide: whether or not you want advanced Heating Cable system, you need an idea of the amount of work that is to be done. Briefly what is needed:

1. On a flat rough floor it is desirable to additionally lay the insulation. It serves to reduce the cost of heating: less heat goes into the rooms below or into the ground. And the thermal insulation is located not only on the floor.

2. On the perimeter of the walls stretch ribbon heater width of about 10 cm In addition to reducing heat loss through walls and foundation, it also compensates for the expansion of the warm floor with increasing temperature. Instead of a strip heater along the wall, it is possible to install a stripped sheet of foam plastic, or other similar material (this is a cheaper solution).

3. On the heater for electric heaters are advised to spread also the heat-reflecting substrate. It will reflect a significant part of the heat going down back to the room. This is a fairly effective measure, but the material should be selected taking into account the specific features of the heating element used. If the scheme for installing an electric floor heating implies a screed (cables, cable or rod mats), use a metallized material, rather than a foil. The foil is made of aluminum, and it is destroyed in a screed in a few weeks. If the assembly scheme is "dry" (film warm floor), then you can lay any material, including foil or foil itself.

4. On the heat insulator (with or without a heat-reflecting layer), the heating element is laid, the ends of the cables are put on the mounting box of the thermostat and connected to the corresponding contacts.

5. Conduct a test connection of the system - check whether the electrical floor heaters are damaged during installation.

6. If everything works properly (everything is warming, there is no foreign smell or sparks), you can either make a screed (putting a reinforcing polymer mesh under the solution if necessary), lay a tile on the adhesive, a hard floor covering, make a dry base of plywood or other sheet material under a soft flooring.

These are all the steps that are necessary to make an electric warm floor with your own hands. Not a simple task, but quite real.

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