The advanced-integrated production facilities and international standard laboratory of Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Company
- Nov. 15,2018
Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with factory area of 31000 square meters as one of the most famous Chinese manufacturer of heating cables. Huanrui takes the job of research and development, production, sales and services of self-regulating and constant wattage heating cable, electric underfloor heating system, water pipe freeze protection system, roof & gutter de-icing system, and etc.
Huanrui is equipped with advanced-integrated production facilities and international standard laboratory. We have 12 sets of braiding machines and 12 sets of extruding machines for production of all heating cables. For underfloor heating mat – 7 production lines and one set of automatic production machine.

1. Walk-in high temperature oasthouse
Our oasthouse is the only one in China. Heat treatment is the necessary procedure to make PTC material enter stable working situations before delivery
And maintain the stability earlier and adapt to the working situations and conditions with more stability

2. Twin screw extruding machine
Imported from Germany, homogeneous mixing accomplished by the help of twin-screw structure and via gear engagement
With features such as high revolving speed, high torque, low power consumption and high production efficiency, which ensure the stability of the home-made insulation material.

3. Triple-layer core extruding machine
The only Triple-layer extruding machine in china mainland
We introduced in transitional layer while extruding the inner insulation to lower interfacial effect for better protection to PTC, decreasing starting current, improving insulation function and prolonging service life.

4. Internal mixing & prilling all-in-one
Made in Taiwan, China
With Hermetic working environment, clean mixing and consecutive operation will prevent foreign substance from mixing inside to enhance the PTC quality;
Machine operated as per data programmed, less mistakes of human operation to ensure achieving working conditions and consistency of PTC quality.

5. Experimental equipment
5.1 Thermal shock tester: the only one tester in China mainland ordered in accordance with IEEE standards for product service life, can do shock test of function and Attenuation rate to the cable in a period of 32 weeks by simulating the cable’s working conditions in next ten years .
5.2 High-low temperature tester: simulating cable’s working conditions as per different countries standards conducting tests on low-temp cold bending and mechanical impact. Lowest temperature -70℃.
5.3 Melting tester: test on material, efficiently monitoring the melting features of material bought or home-made in case of fracture.
5.4 Oscilloscope: accurately recording instant shock current and showing data curves to ensure the accuracy of data, which is an assurance of product reliability.

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