Set of self-regulating heating cable for heating gas pipes
- Oct. 23,2018


Heating cable power: 16 W / m (shielded)

Maximum heating temperature of cable: 65 deg.

Mains voltage: 220 V

Explosion protection: yes

Application: gas pipeline heating

Mounting: outside the pipe

Composition of the kit:

- heating section of a Self-Regulating Heating Cable connected to the power cable and a plug at the end;

- instruction manual of the product with a mark of passing factory tests and a warranty coupon (3-year warranty).

The climatic conditions of northern regions are quite severe, and in the winter months they can complicate the transportation of natural gas through gas pipes. Subcooling pipes entails several unpleasant consequences:

- the pressure in the gas pipeline drops, which causes interruptions in the gas supply;

- in the pipes through which the gas is transported, hydrate appears first, by ice stoppers, which also disrupt the functioning of the system;

- the blockages can destroy the pipes, which, firstly, can cause a fire or explosion, and secondly, it will require repair of the system.

How to prevent the listed consequences? Organize the heating of the gas pipe. What is the way to solve this problem? Many years of experience allow us to state that the best way is to use a self-regulating cable, which, during operation, releases heat and, when attached to the pipeline, heats it. We buy the self-regulating heating cable kits of our production for heating gas pipes having a power of 16 W/m with an explosion-proof screen, right now on the site or by the phones mentioned above.

How does the cable work and work?

To transfer the current, it uses two metal wires located in parallel. They are designed for alternating current with a rated voltage of 220 V. Between the cores of the Heating Cable for Pipes is placed a matrix made of a polymer material with the addition of carbon. Above the matrix is an explosion-proof shield made of copper braid, and above it is an insulating sheath, preventing unacceptable contact and electrocution.

The heating cable is tightly attached to the gas pipeline during operation. When cooling the pipe, the electrical resistance of the matrix decreases, the cable begins to produce heat as much as possible and consume the claimed power. A warm cable warms the pipe and stops condensation of moisture and ice formation. After raising the temperature of the pipe and cable to certain values, the resistance of the matrix increases, the heat release of the cable decreases and the energy consumption is minimized.

The cable, as we see, regulates the mode of its operation, and that is why it is called self-regulating.

Several advantages of heating gas pipelines by cable:

The first advantage is the complete autonomy of the system. When heating with a cable, the latter regulates the temperature of each of its sections.

The second advantage is the security of the system. Self-regulating heating cable never overheats. The probability of occurrence of a fire or explosion is practically reduced to zero due to the presence of an explosion-proof screen, in the event of an emergency, a protective shutdown device will work. Sets of self-regulating heating cable "HUANRUI" for the gas pipeline have a certificate that permits use in hazardous areas.

The third advantage is economy. The cable consumes 16 W / m only in those areas where it is needed. After heating the pipe, the consumption drops to 2 W / m.

Nuances of installation

When heating pipes, the cable is attached to the outside of the pipeline, located outside the premises and in need of heating.

The cable can be laid along the pipe in one or more threads. Another way is spiral winding on the pipe. In the latter case, the cable will need more, but the heating system will be as efficient as possible.

Please avoid contact of the cable with sharp fragments of the pipeline, which can damage it.

To fix the cable on the pipe, you need to use special fasteners - aluminum tape, clamps, clamps and others.

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