- Sep. 30,2018
For clients who want to install a long-lasting, affordable yet robust solution to heat trace, Underfloor Heating Systems. We offer a heavy-duty series of heating cables of self-regulating, constant wattage. We don’t simply sell heating cables and deicing heating cable but offer designing services.

As a result, we understand it in a way no other heating cable manufacturer can claim.

If you want advice from ANHUI HUANRUI about how heat trace and underfloor warming systems consisting of different heating cables should be designed and installed, we are your team. Plus, we are a professional producer for more than 10 years meaning we care deeply about your happiness and satisfaction.

Heating cables, heat tape, Roof De-icing Cable, self-regulating heating cable, heat coils, and gutter heating cables, constant wattage heating cables, underfloor heating mat are all items for the same thing.

We produce the finest heating cables for heat trace and underfloor warming systems in the world.

ANHUI HUANRUI HEATING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, in conjunction with our sister company HIF, is engaged in heating cable business by clients all over the world.

The heating trace solutions approach, albeit more expensive than heating cables is aimed at addressing the underlying causes of ice dams.

We address issues with industrial and residential performance that needs temperature maintenance,Heat Trace Cable, heat loss replacement, thermal inefficiencies, roofing and home gutter deicing.

If you have done this business you know that ANHUI HUANRUI is the result of an interaction of many variables including insulation, ventilation and heat bypasses. ANHUI HUANRUI is the a large scale heating cable producing company in china that marries the technical abilities of an award winning diagnostic and construction team with an understanding of heating cables based on having exported thousands of them from around the around .

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