Electric Underfloor Heating Cable T-Cable

Electrical underfloor heating cable is designed to be as thin as possible, only 3.6mm, it has two kinds of output power,12w/m and 18w/m,ensures the economic and energy saving and decreases the floor level to the maximum extend.

Comfort Floor Heating Cable
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  • Features & Benefits

Product name:

Electric Underfloor Heating Cable--T-Cable

Tile and stone floors are ideal for use with an underfloor heating system as they heat up fast and retain heat well, making the system efficient to run.

Even though tiles are most often associated with kitchen and bathroom flooring, this durable and easy to clean surface is great for use in other areas too such as corridors and laundry rooms. Due to the low thermal resistance and high thermal mass of tile and stone, they are also perfect for sunrooms and other areas with high heat loss. Tile and stone flooring can be heated up to 84°F (29°C).

Technical Data: 


Cable construction

Twin conductor

Outer jacket


Conductor insulation



Aluminum foil


Out splice/Injection connector

Outside diameter


Rated voltage


Power output


Resistance tolerance

+10/-5 %

Cold Lead

2.5m length


Twin conductor cable 

Flexible installation

Emit zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)

Durable construction

Single point safety connection 

Renovated and ultra thin cable

25-Years limited warranty



Min Installation Temp:    5℃

Max Ambient Temp:      30℃

Heating Cable Length: 12.5-150.0m(12W/m) & 7.5-154.2m(18W/m)

MOQ: 50 pcs


Our T-cable electrical underfloor heating cable have already got CE EAC cCSAus TUV certificate.

We can also provide OEM service, you can choose package, different cable design, especial wattage design and also color choose etc.



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