Warm and safe winter with heating cable products
- Dec. 06,2018

It forecasts that it’s going to snow in this weekend, what a surprise!

In my memory there was never snow so early in one year, it seems we just enter winter at the early of December in the meanwhile in the north of China, somewhere there are already snow.

Winter is good and we long for winder with snow even though the public traffic would be terrible.

Then in winter things frozen like outdoor water pipes frozen, road surface with slippery ice, houses not cozy any more if you do not use your air-conditioner or turn on your house warming systems.

In China, self-regulating heating cable for water pipe defrost and underfloor heating mat for house floor warming and snow melting heating cable and heating mat for road surface are not so widely used that even many guys do not know what it is.

After years of propagation of heating cable items for residential use are becoming more and more popular,

Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., ltd is the EXPERT producer for self-regulating heating cable for water pipe defrost and underfloor heating mat for your house floor and snow melting heating cable built in concrete road, self-regulating and constant wattage heating trace cable for industrial use.

For more than ten years, our cable are widely distributed to all over the world and well recognized by our clients with good reputation, in the end of 2018, more than 20 kinds of new constant wattage heating cables are in the research and development, soon we would provide more options for snow melting, pipe heating and floor heating use.

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