Three layer co-extrusion technology of self-regulating heating cable
- Sep. 30,2018

Self-regulating heating cable is a unique invention, which is a flexible wire that is heated by electricity. At the same time, it has the property of regulating its own power, focusing on the surrounding temperature. That is, the colder the atmosphere, the hotter self-regulating cable. It seems to be adapting to the characteristics of its environment, and not all along its length.

The principle of the self-regulating heating cable is its internal arrangement. Roughly speaking, it consists of next three main parts:

1. Metal conductors - provide power supply;

2. "Smart" polymer matrix - it adapts to changing conditions and generates heat;

3. Isolation - there is used a whole "sandwich" of several materials.

The key element here is the polymer matrix. It is responsible for self-regulating properties. And literally every centimeter of it lives its own separate life.

That is, one segment can be colder or vice versa, hotter than another. And all this without any electronics, without any sensors and everything else - only a polymer base of "smart" material.

Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Company developed three layer co-extrusion technology for production of self-regulating heating cable, which help us manufacture high quality heating cable products.

Three layer co-extrusion technology of self-regulating heating cables is characterized in: the cables consist of two conductive wires with a low resistance transition layers, PTC semi-conductive matrix, inner insulating layer and outer insulating layer, metal braid and outer jacket. Among them the three layers — low resistance transition layer, PTC Semi-conductive matrix and inner insulting layer are extruded in one step.

Construction of self-regulating heating cable with three layer co-extrusion technology:

1.      Conductor

2.      Low resistance transition layer

3.      PTC Semi-conductive

4.      Inner insulation layer

5.      Outer insulation layer

6.      Metal braid

7.      Outer jacket

Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

The traditional production process of self-regulating heating cables between the combination does not close, the air and impurities are not fully discharged, electric heating at high temperature for a period of time it caused by the metal electrode and the PTC heating element

The contact surface of the separation failure, resistance caused by fire, with three layers of extrusion technology development and application, effectively put an end to these potential risks, to avoid the fire, security.

The three layer with double insulation extrusion technology with the tropics, forming a two insulating layer of the production process in the three layer of the application with the extrusion technology, three layer with double insulation extrusion technology to improve the insulation performance with the tropics, increased mechanical strengthen extend the service life.

Several advantages of three layer co-extrusion technology:

A. Owing to three layer co-extrusion technology, the inner insulating layer wrapped the PTC semi-conductive matrix tightly. No gap, no air, no water, no oil and no impurities will contaminate the matrix, which reduces the cable decay rate.

B. Low resistance transition layer contacts the PTC semi-conductive matrix tightly, effectively reducing the current impact to the material of PTC, reducing the start current, and prolonging service life.

C. Because of the special nature of PTC semi-conductive matrix, almost all of the insulating material on the market will damage the PTC semi-conductive matrix more or less. The insulating material and PTC semi-conductive matrix we are using are made by our own exclusive technology. The insulating material can match the PTC semi-conductive matrix perfectly and doesn't cause any damages to the semi-conductive matrix.

Material properties:

Excellent weather resistance and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

High and low temperature resistance, -50°C—140°C.

Great insulating property. 2000MΩ per 100 meters.

Any demands on high quality self-regulating heating cable, electric underfloor heating cable and snow melting heating cable, please contact with Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Company:

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