Ultra Thin 150w/sqm Laminate Heating Mat F-mat

Electric underfloor heating system for laminate, carpet, vinyl, engineered wood and other floating floor finishes.

Under Carpet Heating Mat
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Product Name:Ultra Thin 150w/sqm Laminate Heating Mat F-mat

Simple to install, the foil heater delivers a consistent and even heat distribution. It can also be installed under the floor finish in wet areas without the need for additional earth grids. The thermal properties of the reinforced aluminium foil used in the heater help to spread the heat evenly.
Improved savings can also be achieved by using foil underfloor heating in conjunction with the Insulated Underlay as it dramatically reduces heat-up times by at least 50%. It is suitable for all applications, providing primary or secondary heating in all rooms or projects that adheres to Building Regulations.
The Foil Heater System is ideal for installation in regular shaped rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Technical Data:
Cable construction Twin conductor
Conductor Solid heating core
Insulation Fluoropolymer
Cable spacing 50mm
Cable diameter 1.0mm
Connector Out splice/Injection connector
Max Ambient Temp 30℃
Min Installation Temp 5℃
Rated voltage 230VAC
Power output 80W/m2   150W/m2
Resistance tolerance +10/-5 %
Cold lead 2.5m length

80W/m2  150W/m2
Twin conductor heating cable
Only one cold tail for ease of installation
Ultra thin, only 1.8mm
Emit zero EMF(electromagnetic field)
Flexible installation
Durable construction
100% screened

F-mat is designed for wooden floor, laminate floor and under carpet heating.
80W/m2 150W/m2 provided for customers choose.
under laminate heating matunder carpet heating mat


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